NLC Briefing- Housing & Health: Municipal Examples and Strategies

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NLC’s Institute for Youth, Education, & Families is the process of designing a one-day briefing for city leaders within a 250-mile radius around Birmingham, AL October 12th. The goal is to share promising municipal examples and strategies on the subject of Housing & Health, like those identified in the summaries linked below. NLC conducts similar meetings around the country as a way to convene local leaders around a topic, provide information, develop local relationships across city lines in a region, and connect city leaders with those who may be supportive on the various state levels. 

Mayors, councilmembers, city staff and community organizations in cities from across the region are invited to attend the seminar in Birmingham on October 12th.

Attendees will earn 3 CMO elective credits for attending!

Click here for a flyer detailing the event!

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