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Thanks to all of you for your tireless efforts to improve the quality of life for your citizens. Always remember that the Municipal League is here to provide support & encouragement to you.  Please don't hesitate to call on us!
MML Executive Director, Shari Veazey

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Please feel free to call or email us with your questions, comments or concerns.

Executive Director

Shari T. Veazey

(601) 353-5854

Deputy Executive Director

Robbie Brown

(601) 353-5854

Member Services Coordinator

June Dunlap

(601) 353-5854

Marketing Coordinator

Samantha Wilmoth

(601) 353-5854

Accounting & Conventions Coordinator

Tiffany Bush

(601) 353-5854

Contract Lobbyist

Trey Bobinger

Research & Special Projects Coordinator

Karley Williams


Project Assistant

Lakieshia Nelson

(601) 353-5854