Equipment Operator, Sr. - Public Works Dept. Lines Maintenance - City of Meridian

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Equipment Operator, Sr. - Public Works Dept. Lines Maintenance - City of Meridian

Equipment Operator, Sr. - Public Works Dept. Lines Maintenance - City of Meridian

May 31, 2023


Public Works Dept. – Lines Maintenance



Up to a maximum salary of $41,958.00



OPENING DATE:  May 31, 2023

CLOSING DATE:  Applications will be accepted until Noon on June 30, 2023


Pursuant to Article 5, Section 5.04, of the Civil Service Code of Rules and Regulations (attached), the Commission may reject, or cause to be rejected the application of any person for admission to a test, or may, after examination, decline to certify, or may remove from an eligible list, an applicant who is deemed disqualified. 

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:  Operates various equipment and vehicles to complete tasks related to the maintenance, upkeep, installation, and construction of City grounds, property, utilities, rights-of-way, and other infrastructure for Public Works and Parks & Recreation operations; drives vehicles over public roads, work sites, rights-of-way, parks, public works facilities, and other City property; maneuvers in and around traffic, parked cars, equipment, utilities, and other obstacles; obeys all traffic laws and safety guidelines; monitors immediate environment and work area to ensure the safety of operator, other workers, the equipment, and the public.  Operates backhoe to perform basic digging, trenching, and clearing of land or materials for maintenance and upkeep projects for public utilities and other infrastructure; operates digging arm of backhoe to uncover and dig around utility lines within tight specifications and tolerances; controls placement of equipment and determines optimum approach to each digging scenario in order to minimize destruction of property and avoid electric, water, sewer, and other public utility lines.  Operates street sweepers along a prescribed route to remove dirt and debris from City streets and parking lots; maneuvers in and out of traffic and around parked cars, taking care to reduce congestion and maintain safety; determines proper settings and adjusts brushes for proper angle and height, maintaining proper curb distance for optimum coverage.  Operates tractors with articulated boom mowing system to mow rights-of-way, parks, and other City property along steep slopes, ditches, and hard-to-reach areas inaccessible to most mowing apparatuses; scouts a path for and removes rocks, debris, and other obstacles that may cause damage to the equipment, property, or the public; determines proper settings and adjusts boom for proper angle, height and trajectory; maneuvers and monitors boom mower for optimal operation. Drives knuckle-boom truck to collect trash, limbs, and other debris from work sites, parks, and other City property, and transport it to the landfill; positions vehicle alongside targeted debris; operates truck- or trailer-mounted knuckle-boom arm to pick up debris and load it into the truck; secures all doors, gates, and fasteners to prevent spillage or loss of load during transport; dumps material at appropriate location. Drives bucket and/or lift truck to work site and operates lift mechanisms to elevate crews performing various maintenance, upkeep and installation for traffic systems, tree trimming, and other tasks requiring access to high places; positions vehicle and lift-platform to ensure optimum access to required location and avoid power lines, low branches, traffic, and other hazards; monitors activities to ensure the safety of crew workers.  Inspects and prepares equipment for safe and proper operation prior to beginning work for the day; performs light maintenance on equipment, which includes changing oil, refueling, and refilling lubricants; cleans vehicles, beds, and mounted equipment upon completion of assignments; secures vehicle after use. Operates vehicles and equipment in lower classifications as needed or assigned to complete division or departmental projects and workload.  Performs basic and semi-skilled labor as appropriate to assist in completion of maintenance, upkeep, and construction projects; picks up paper, limbs, and other debris; uses hand tools and operates motorized tools as necessary to complete assigned task; installs maintains street signs; and manually loads, moves, and arranges materials.  Performs other related duties as required.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  High School Diploma or GED. One (1) year previous experience and/or training involving skilled operation of related equipment; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job. Must possess and maintain a valid Mississippi driver’s license. Must have and maintain a valid class “A” Driver’s License.

EXAMINATION:  The examination will consist of satisfactory proof of completion of Minimum Qualifications as stated above constituting 30% of final score and 70% to be derived from the oral interview, totaling 100%.  The total composite score must be 70 or above to be considered for the position.  Applicants deemed to have met the Minimum Qualifications will be notified of the date, time, and location of the oral interview.  No test will be rescheduled regardless of circumstances. Eligibility shall be for a period of up to one (1) year from the date of certification. No test will be rescheduled regardless of circumstances, EXCEPT those conducted at Meridian Community College. Persons should not apply unless they clearly meet the qualifications set forth in this announcement.  False statements are grounds for rejection or discharge from employment.  All position classifications will require criminal background report and work history.  Failure to complete the background investigation phase shall constitute a failure in the examination.  Certification of Eligibility for this position is contingent upon verification of information submitted on Civil Service Application. The Civil Service Examining Board reserves the right to curve the test and results may be curved in accordance with the guidelines provided by the test provider and based upon the needs of the department. As a prerequisite for employment with the City of Meridian, all job applicants offered employment must submit to a drug and alcohol test.  Any job applicant who tests positive for drugs or alcohol will not be considered for employment. 

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY:  The City of Meridian does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age and disability in employment or the

provision of services.  THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT PROHIBITS EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION AGAINST THE DISABLED.  However, as a legitimate business necessity applicants must be capable of performing all essential functions of this position, which are considered as bona fide occupational qualifications.  Indicate special needs.


For Civil Service Application and further information contact. Civil Service Commission, First   Floor, City Hall, Meridian, Mississippi, or telephone (601) 485-1931.