Firefighter - City of Meridian

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Firefighter - City of Meridian

Firefighter - City of Meridian

March 15, 2023

Up to a maximum salary of $38,728.50



OPENING DATEMarch 15, 2023

CLOSING DATE:  Applications will be accepted until 12:00 Noon on March 15, 2024


Pursuant to Article 5, Section 5.04, of the Civil Service Code of Rules and Regulations (attached), the Commission may reject, or cause to be rejected the application of any person for admission to a test, or may, after examination, decline to certify, or may remove from an eligible list, an applicant who is deemed disqualified. 

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:  Responds to calls for fire suppression, protection and safety; secures fire hydrant for use in extinguishing fires; uses forcible entry to gain entry into structures; creates horizontal and vertical ventilation of heat and smoke from structures; gains entry into dangerous areas; pulls down ceilings and walls; extinguishes fire with water from charged hose lines; ensures the safety of the firefighter team at all times.  Conducts searches for victims in structures and at accident scenes; rescues victims and provides emergency medical assistance as necessary; administers first aid and CPR to sick/injured persons; assesses nature and extent of illness/injury; takes, records, and monitors patient's vital signs.  Performs salvage and overhaul of buildings and structures after fire has been extinguished; protects property and contents as much as possible; preserves fire scene and relating evidence for investigators and officers to use in determining fire cause.  Responds to automobile accidents, train wrecks, plane crashes and other vehicular accidents; uses hydraulic tools to extract and rescue victims from vehicle entrapments; provides emergency medical assistance when needed; maintains accident scene evidence for investigators and officers conducting analysis and investigation of accident scene; maintains confidentiality of all evidence.  Maintains fire engines/trucks and other emergency vehicles; performs regular tests and maintenance checks of vehicles at the beginning of each shift; performs safety checks and ensures engines are functioning properly; conducts inventory of supplies and equipment such as hoses, emergency medical and rescue equipment and other tools and equipment to ensure vehicle is fully prepared for emergency responses; washes trucks; refills water tanks regularly.  Communicates with supervisors, employees, dispatchers, other departments, law enforcement officials, hospital personnel, ambulance personnel, property owners/occupants, patients, family members, utility companies, civic organizations, the public, and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review status of work, exchange information, or resolve problems.  Mitigates spills and releases of hazardous materials; implements site safety and control plan; controls, contains and/or confines hazardous substances to prevent or alleviate public exposure to contaminants; maintains current knowledge of hazardous materials.  Operates, tests and inspects hoses, aerial ladders, hydrants, hand tools, emergency tools, equipment and personal protection gear; ensures all apparatus and tools are functioning properly; tests self-contained breathing apparatus regularly to ensure proper functioning; refills air bottles; tests hoses and nozzles for leakage; tests and maintains fire hydrants to ensure proper water pressure and control; cleans hydrants and paints as necessary.  Maintains physical fitness in order to properly respond to rescue calls; performs regular practice runs and trains to increase call response time; adheres to standard operating procedures and policies; maintains a pre-fire plan of operation at all times.  Maintains fire department inventory of supplies and tools; stocks station with cleaning supplies and other necessities; delivers supplies to stations as needed; orders new supplies to replenish inventory.  Prepares or completes various forms, reports, correspondence, logs, fire/medical incident reports, maintenance records, pre-fire plan drawings, supply orders, or other documents; receives forms, reports, correspondence, orders, logs, schedules, medical records, pre-incident plans, maintenance records, drawings, maps, manuals, policies, procedures, reference materials, training materials, or other documentation; reviews, completes, processes, forwards or retains as appropriate.  Performs routine building and grounds maintenance; cuts grass and maintains

grounds; washes sidewalks and driveways; sweeps, mops and waxes engine bay and fire department sleeping and eating quarters.  Uses two-way radio to communicate with communications division, firefighters, medical personnel, supervisors and law enforcement.  Tasks require the ability to exert heavy physical effort in heavy work, with greater emphasis on climbing and balancing, but typically also involving some combination of stooping, kneeling, crouching, and crawling, and the lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling of moderately heavy objects and materials (20-50 pounds); may occasionally involve heavier objects and materials (over 100 pounds).  Performs other related duties as required.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Have obtained a standard high school diploma or possess a valid GED from any school, institution, organization or entity accredited by the Mississippi Department of Education under MISS. CODE ANN. § 37-17-7.    Must possess and maintain a valid Mississippi driver’s license and must evidence same when submitting Civil Service Application.  Must earn and maintain certification as a Firefighter.  Must be at least 18-years of age by date of picking up application.

EXAMINATION:  The purpose of this examination is to establish a list of qualified eligibles for consideration of employment.  Participation in this examination is not a guarantee of employment.  The examination will consist of a physical fitness test, a computerized multiple-choice test, and an oral test.  Weights will be assigned as follows: computerized multiple-choice test 70%, physical fitness test as described in attached Physical Fitness Entrance Test to be graded Pass/Fail, and an oral test 30%, representing 100% of the total score.  Photo ID will be required for admission to all phases of examination process.  The physical fitness test shall be conducted Fire Station 1 2500 14th Street, Meridian, MS on a date to be determined after successful completion of computerized testing.  All candidates SHALL wear long pants and closed toe shoes.   No physical fitness test will be rescheduled regardless of circumstances.  The computerized multiple-choice test shall be conducted by appointment in the Career Development Testing Center located in the Webb Hall Building at Meridian Community College, 910 Highway 19 North, Meridian, Mississippi.  Instructions for scheduling an appointment will be provided to applicants after turning in a completed application for employment.  Applicants must attain a 70 or above on the computerized multiple-choice test to be considered.  Only one (1) attempt SHALL be permitted for the computerized test portion of this exam.  In the event of failure, applicant will not be eligible to retake for 90 days. Candidates may reschedule written tests conducted at Meridian Community College. The results of the multiple-choice test and specific oral test appointment times will be announced by public posting in the Civil Service Commission office or by calling (601) 485-1931. The oral test shall be conducted on a date and time designated by the Civil Service Secretary in the Meridian Fire Department Third Floor Conference Room. No oral test will be rescheduled regardless of circumstances.   Applicants completing the computerized multiple-choice test, the physical test, and the oral test shall report to Third Floor Conference Room, Central Fire Station to commence the background investigation phase of eligibility certification. This shall be announced after candidates have successfully completed the oral phase.  LATE ARRIVING APPLICANTS FOR ANY PORTION OF THE STATED TESTING WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM PARTICIPATING IN THE TESTING PROCESSPersons should not apply unless they clearly meet the qualifications set forth in this announcementFalse statements are grounds for rejection or discharge from employment.  All position classifications will require criminal background report and work history.  Failure to complete the background investigation phase shall constitute a failure in the examination.  Certification of Eligibility for this position is contingent upon verification of information submitted on Civil Service Application.  The Civil Service Examining Board reserves the right to curve the test and results may be curved in accordance with the guidelines provided by the test provider and based upon the needs of the department. As a prerequisite for employment with the City of Meridian, all job applicants offered employment must submit to a drug and alcohol test.  Any job applicant who tests positive for drugs or alcohol will not be considered for employment. 

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY:  The City of Meridian does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age and disability in employment or the provision of services.  THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT PROHIBITS EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION AGAINST THE DISABLED.  However, as a legitimate business necessity applicant must be capable of performing all essential functions of this position, which are considered as bona fide occupational qualifications.  Indicate special needs. 



For Civil Service Application and further information contact: Civil Service Commission, First   Floor, City Hall, Meridian, Mississippi, or telephone (601) 485-1931.