Job Opportunity: Chief Financial Officer/Secretary-Treasurer/City Clerk - City of Columbus

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Job Opportunity: Chief Financial Officer/Secretary-Treasurer/City Clerk - City of Columbus

Job Opportunity: Chief Financial Officer/Secretary-Treasurer/City Clerk - City of Columbus

March 15, 2019




Salary Range: $71,000 - $75,000


Nature of Work:

Managing the City of Columbus Finance Department and its Activities Would Encompass:

All comptrollership functions of the City of Columbus, including the preparation of financial statements and reports; preparation and management of the city’s legal budget; maintenance of books and records, including any required by law; compliance with MS laws regarding accounting, budget and all known federal laws; treasurer duties.

Classification Standards:

The holder of this position will be classified as full-time exempt.   

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a degree in accounting.
  • Five years of progressively responsible experience in governmental and/or accounting and financial management.
  • Supervisory experience or any equivalent combination of education and experience is required.


  • CPA licensure preferred, but not required.
  • Completion of the Municipal Clerks and Tax Collectors Certification preferred, but not required.



Financial Statements and Other Reporting Requirements

  • Prepare and submit monthly financial reports to the city council as required by MS budget law.
  • Assist and cooperate with the CPA auditors in the preparation of the annual audited financial statements.
  • Prepare and timely submit all state and federal reports, including any payroll tax returns.
  • Prepare or supervise the recording of the city council meetings’ minutes.
  • Generate any required cash flow projections.

Legal Budget Matters (As Described in the MS Municipal Audit and Accounting Guide)

  • Oversee the budgetary process, including preparation of the legal annual budget, involving department heads to assist as needed.
  • Review reports and analyze financial data of any outside agencies regarding their requested appropriations from the budget.
  • Administer and monitor the annual legal budget as required by MS budget laws, including preparation of all required budget amendments.
  • Prepare all required budget publication notices, including any necessary amendments and filing such notices on a timely basis as required by MS law.
  • Attend and conduct the required public budget hearing.
  • Prepare the tax levy notice as required.

Books and Records

  • Maintain the accounting system as detailed by the Mississippi Office of State Auditor in the Municipal Audit and Accounting Guide.
  • Maintain paper books and records and file such in a separate monthly binder for each month.
  • Reconcile all bank accounts every month before filing the monthly reports.
  • Properly maintain the balance sheet accounts due to/due from for all funds, including closing all projects on a timely basis as completed. Make all accounting entries needed in order to properly maintain these accounts.
  • Administer and coordinate investment activities, revenue collections, banking services, debt service, and other financial activities.
  • Maintain a proper subsidiary ledger for all outstanding debt.

Compliance with MS Laws Regarding Accounting, Budget and all Known Federal Laws

  • Attend continued education courses administrated by the Mississippi Office of the State Auditor and other organizations regarding MS accounting and budget laws, as allowed by Council.
  • Maintain the accounting system and all books and records as specified by the Mississippi Office of the State Auditor.
  • Maintain the budget in accordance with the laws and regulations of MS.
  • Maintain adequate records for fixed assets as required by MS law.
  • Maintain all other special procedures that apply to the city as required by the Office of the State Auditor in the Municipal Audit and Accounting Guide.
  • Plan, direct, coordinate, and administer all activities and personnel of the city’s financial department in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and directions from city government.
  • File on a timely basis all federal and state payroll tax returns and reports, including quarterly payroll reports, PERS report, annual W2s and 1099s.


Treasurer Duties

  • Manage and administer the treasury function of the city, including disbursement of all funds required for payroll and accounts payable.
  • Transfer funds needed to/from various bank accounts as bills are paid and payrolls are prepared.
  • Invest excess reserve funds, if any, to obtain the best rate of return as allowed by law.
  • Advertise as required for a city depositor, according to MS law.
  • Develop and maintain a system of internal accounting controls for all accounting departments.
  • Provide technical advice and assistance as needed for all departments and city organizations on budgetary, accounting, auditing, internal controls and other financial or fiscal matters.

Leadership of the City’s Finance Department and Activities

  • Supervise activities of the finance department, including but not limited to: administration, accounting, inventory control, billing/collection, accounts payable/receivable, payroll overview and cash management.
  • Analyze the city’s fiscal policies, interpret data, and recommend actions to the mayor and city council as required.
  • Participate in all insurance meetings, including health, property and casualty and make recommendations and projections that impact these matters.
  • Perform any other related duties as assigned by the mayor.

Perform and/or Delegate all of the Duties as Specified in the Columbus Code of Ordinance (Division 2), which includes:

  • Attend council meetings.
  • Keep books, papers.
  • Handle city’s money.
  • Keep accounts of receipts.
  • Keep accounts of disbursements.
  • Prepare monthly reports.
  • Maintain ordinance books.
  • Keep tax records.
  • Make payments of money by check; signature of secretary-treasurer required.

Desirable Knowledge and Skills:

  • Thorough knowledge of principles, practices, methods, and theories of finance, including governmental accounting, governmental auditing, budgeting and financial management.
  • Thorough knowledge of laws, ordinances, regulations, and statutes that govern the city’s finance functions, including MS budget laws.
  • Ability to plan, assign, delegate, and direct work of administrative and supervisory personnel.
  • Ability to develop long-term plans and programs and to evaluate work accomplishments.
  • Ability to work effectively with elected officials, city officers, department heads, and representatives of other agencies, other city employees, and the general public.
  • Ability to communicate effectively – orally, in writing and electronically.
  • Ability to manage computer software and a good working knowledge of the most common office computer programs including spreadsheet programs and word process programs (i.e. Microsoft – Word; Excel; PowerPoint; Outlook)



Patricia Mitchell
Human Resources Director
P.O. Box 1408
Columbus, MS  39703-1408
PH: (662) 329-5159
FX: (662) 329-5154