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MML promotes news, events, and conferences of interest to its members. In addition, the MML publishes a magazine, pamphlets, and technical briefs to assist its member cities and their officials in performing their duties. There also links to other publications of interest to municipal officials.

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CMO Opportunity - Attend the Public Agency Drone Program's Remote Pilot Training

Earn 3 CMO Elective Credits by attending this 4 day seminar in Jackson, MS. Register by August 1 for discounted rates!

Attendees will receive four (4) days of instruction preparing them to successfully complete the FAA’s Remote Pilot Exam. This certification is essential to beginning a safe, efficient and legal drone operation. In addition, attendees will learn state and local laws applicable to UAS operations in Mississippi, best practices, and special considerations for operating as a public entity or contracting with public entities. Approved for (3) CMO Elective credits through the Mississippi Municipal League. For full details, view attached flyer.

CMO Opportunity - True South Basic Economic Development Course




This is an introductory course exposing participants to the fundamentals and practice of creating jobs, increasing wealth, improving the tax base and enhancing a community’s quality-of-life, the first step in pursuing professional certification.


The True South Basic Economic Development Course is designed for community leaders and stakeholders who participate in the process of community economic development. Typical conference attendees include chamber of commerce, economic, and community development organization professionals; elected and appointed officials; government agency staff; community planners; utility personnel; bankers; business leaders; real estate brokers and developers; community volunteers; and students enrolled in the Masters of Economic Development program. 


September 11 -14, 2017, in Hattiesburg, MS at The University of Southern Mississippi Trent Lott National Center

$20 Million Blight Elimination Program Launches In Mississippi

Blight Elimination Program 
Applicants, consisting of municipalities and county governments, agree to participate with a non-government Blight Partner to eliminate blight in communities thereby strengthening the value of nearby properties, and increasing green space. Applicants may receive up to $500,000 per application cycle, a total of 8 times, to fund the demolition of (1-4) unit single family residential structures.  Approximately 2,000 homes will be demolished statewide at an average cost of $10,000.

Earn 2 CMO Elective Credits - Attend the 30th Urban Forestry and Green Infrastructure Educational Summit

Join the MS Urban Forest Council for the 30th Urban Forestry and Green Infrastructure Educational Summit!

All Things Green: For sustainable community, home, urban farm and business

October 3, 4 & 5, 2017 
MS Agriculture Museum
Lakeland Drive
Jackson, MS

Attendees will earn 2 CMO elective credits.

View the attached document for details including registration information and a conference agenda!

Fall 2017 Evening CMO Classes

Fall 2017 Evening CMO Classes

In conjunction with MSU Extension Service Center for Government and Community Development, MML is excited to announce a series of CMO evening classes that will be held around the state during the fall of 2017.