2020 Virtual Vendor Showcase

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This year, MML is excited to announce a brand new service available for our Associate Members and exhibitors: the Virtual Vendor Showcase.


Participating vendors may submit a 1-minute video outlining their products/services. All videos will be assembled into the Virtual Vendors Showcase and distributed to all 289 MML member municipalities across the state. 


Along with the video, MML will provide a Virtual Vendor Showcase Guide to help viewers navigate to specific companies and/or products and services that they are in the market for during any given point of time. 


MML will instruct our municipalities to share this Virtual Vendors Showcase with every municipal department: police, fire, public works, water systems, IT, airports, animal control, parking, parks and recreation, finance, human resources, mapping, recycling and trash services, utilities, etc. This will provide access to every municipal department in ALL of MML's 289 member municipalities across Mississippi!


Cost to participate in the Virtual Vendor Showcase is:

  • $200 for Associate Members 
  • $300 for non-members

If you don't have a 1-minute video that you'd like to submit or can't create one in-house, please reach out to Hometown Productions, Inc. to discuss getting one made. Hometown Productions, Inc. can either take your company logo, pictures of products, and a script to create something from their office for $75, or you can contact them directly to discuss getting a custom video made at your office. Please reach out to Jerry Mayer at Hometown Productions, Inc. at 225-336-1755 for more information on how to get your video created.


Deadline for video submissions will be July 20th.


If you're interested in participating in the Virtual Vendor Showcase, please click the link below to download and complete a Virtual Vendor Showcase Entry Form to return to the MML office.  


Entry forms can be emailed to samantha@mmlonline.com or faxed to 601-353-6980.


Due to the size of the video file, a traditional email submission won't work to send in your videos.

Vendor videos should be uploaded using this link: https://mic-ms.wetransfer.com/


Feel free to reach out with any questions or for additional information!