CMO Opportunity: MS Insurance Department Extreme Wind Event

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This is a collaboration of city and county officials, insurance company representatives, insurance regulators, emergency responders, leaders in building codes and resiliency and the insurance industry’s leading catastrophe modelers and others. We’ll hear from celebrity storm chasers and other leaders in the field of extreme weather. If you’re a city leader, do you know what to expect if your city or town is impacted by extreme weather? What happens first? Who do you rely on? What tools do you need to respond and help your city recover? Do you understand the various roles and responsibilities of private and government response groups and how they work together? Do you understand how you can help yourself prepare and do you understand what responders need from you, to help you with a quick recovery?


Get answers to all of those questions and learn how insurance companies respond, what technology they use and what they need from you as a city leader, to help you recover. The time to learn all of this is not after an extreme weather event strikes, but now. Join us and insurance regulators from around the southeastern US for this informative 2 day seminar as we strike partnerships that will benefit the public in how we all respond to future events.


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MML members will receive 2 CMO credits for attending. Contact Lakieshia Nelson to let her know you attended.