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MML promotes news, events, and conferences of interest to its members. In addition, the MML publishes a magazine, pamphlets, and technical briefs to assist its member cities and their officials in performing their duties. There also links to other publications of interest to municipal officials.

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These webinars have been recorded and are available on-demand for those that might have missed the registration deadlines.

To register for any of the following webinars, please complete the attached registration form and return to the MML office to receive the appropriate access links.

  • End of Term: The Do's & Don'ts of Your Last Six Months in Office
    The Mississippi State University Extension Center - Center for Government and Community Development reviews important things to remember as you serve out your final six months in office, including statutory budget restrictions leading up to the election and things that you as a municipal official should be getting
    ready for the next administration coming in.


  • Are You Ready for a Pandemic?
    How prepared is your city or town for another pandemic? In this session you will hear from emergency preparedness and health experts on steps you can take to be prepared for the future.\
    $25 Registration Fee / 3 CMO Elective Credits


  • New Trends in Policing - Is your Police Department Ready to Respond to Today’s Challenges?
    Sponsored by Government Consultants, Inc.
    Law enforcement agencies around the country face a multitude of challenges in protecting communities and responding to incidents. Issues ranging from dealing with individuals with mental illness, cognitive or physical disabilities, or coping with the effects of trauma, to the examination of use of force policies, to confronting racial and gender bias, are the new reality for law enforcement agencies. This session will discuss new trends in policing designed to better equip law enforcement agencies and individual officers to meet these challenges.
    $25 Registration Fee / 3 CMO Elective Credits


  • Leveraging Assets for Community Development: Real World Case Studies
    Sponsored by C Spire
    This webinar will highlight three diverse communities across the United States that have leveraged local assets such as cultural tourism and natural resources to improve the quality of life for residents.
    $25 Registration Fee / 3 CMO Elective Credits


  • Energy Services Contracting 101
    Learn how to use existing municipal budgets to upgrade your buildings’ energy systems without any upfront capital investment. We will cover Mississippi’s legislation for energy services as it applies to municipalities, clearly define the energy services contracting process and describe the most common types of projects that are funded through energy services contracting in the municipal market segment. We’ll also take a deep dive into best value leasing options for the latest outdoor lighting and surveillance technologies.
    $25 Registration Fee / 3 CMO Elective Credits


  • Why Implementing Managed Cybersecurity Services from an Established, Proven, and Trusted IT Partner like BCI is Vital To All MML Members
    Sponsored by BCI, Inc.
    Cybercrime costs have increased at an alarming rate in the past two years. Hardly a week goes by without news of another major data breach, ransomware blackmail story, or cyberattack making front-page news. Most analysts predict that attacks will continue to increase in frequency, damage, and complexity with costs from consumer litigation, compliance requirements, and incident response expected to rise as a result. Implement managed security services powered by BCI and discover the true value of working with an established, proven, and trusted cybersecurity MSSP.
    $25 Registration Fee / 3 CMO Elective Credits


  • How Not to Become Cyber Famous
    Presented by Forvis
    This training session will give an overview of business e-mail compromise, including a recap of local recent events. Enhanced focus will be given on ways to identify and mitigate this threat. All payment processes are at risk, and we must be diligent in order to prevent a successful attack and cause your departments to lose thousands of dollars. Come prepared to share practice, insights, and leave with tangible takeaways to incorporate into your own practices.
    $25 Registration Fee / 3 CMO Elective Credits


  • Municipal Government & Social Media: Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Municipality from First Amendment Liability
    Presented by Phelps Dunbar
    Many municipalities operate both municipal-wide and departmental social media pages. Many public officials likewise operate personal social media pages. This webinar will address legal issues surrounding both, including a discussion of recent Supreme Court decisions regarding when a public official’s personal page might be considered public speech.
    $25 Registration Fee / 3 CMO Elective Credits