Newly Elected Officials Orientation Video

MML promotes news, events, and conferences of interest to its members. In addition, the MML publishes a magazine, pamphlets, and technical briefs to assist its member cities and their officials in performing their duties. There also links to other publications of interest to municipal officials.

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In normal municipal election years, MML will host in-person orientation events to introduce newly elected officials to the programs and services MML offers. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and concerns, we decided to put together a video for the newly elected officials instead that will allow them to watch at their leisure and not have to travel. 


In this video newly elected officials will learn about MML as well as hear from some other organizations and state agencies that work with municipalities. The video includes some tips and suggestions for their first board meeting and provides contacts for some offices that can help them as they navigate their new position. 


Because we do not have contact information for the newly elected officials yet, please send them this link so they can watch the video.




In addition to the video linked above, we have created an interactive Table of Contents to take you directly to each section of the video. Click here to view the Table of Contents!