The League advocates aggressively for municipal-friendly legislation with the help of our full-time director of public and government affairs and a professional lobbyist. The MML Legislative Committee, along with the League staff, meets with legislators to ensure that they are informed and up to date on the interests of our cities and towns. Legislation of municipal concern is closely monitored and tracked. The MML Legislative Committee meets regularly during the session to provide guidance to the MML staff regarding any legislation of municipal interest.

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2017 MML Legislative Priorities 

  • Sales Tax Diversion Increase
  • Local Government Debt Set-Off
  • Increase in population threshold regarding budget advertising requirements from 1,500 to 2,000
  • Small Municipalities Grant Program
  • Full Funding of Homestead Exemption Reimbursement

  Other Issues to Monitor: 

  • Transportation Funding
  • Local Option Sales Tax
  • Increase in E911 Funding
  • Municipal Inclusion in Internet Sales Tax collection effort
  • SOS’s Comprehensive Election Reform Bill
  • Increase in funding Fire Rebate program